Taking care to chose the right maternity leave or paternity leave gift for employees and customers

Taking care to chose the right maternity leave or paternity leave gift for employees and customers

There are so many facets to even the smallest of businesses that trying to keep on top of everything is sometimes challenging. Finding ways to simplify tasks without forgetting the people or the details is a keen balancing act. There is often another business that has the answers and services you are looking for who can perform the tasks or provide the services that are not in you skill set. We all know that delegation a real skill that saves time without compromising on quality. 

With specific focus on sourcing corporate baby gifts for employees and customers the business you choose to supply these gifts would obviously need to to be reliable, adaptable, approachable, easy to use and of course have exciting, quality new baby gifts and services. It is a fact a percentage of employees or customers are going to judge their value to you by the gift they are given for their maternity, paternity or adoption leave or  in celebration of the birth/placement of their child. This makes choosing the right corporate new baby gift so important.

There are a multitude of companies offering you solutions. How do you choose? Google reviews are useful indicator and are very easy to quickly see and read. Using the chat function on a website is also a ideal tool for seeing how responsive a company is particularly if you find you can chat with a real person instead of a chatbot. Calling a company is also good if you want to get a sense of who they are. Asking a simple questions like  "When can I expect the hamper to be dispatched?" is simple question that will enable you to evaluate whether you wish to proceed to the purchasing stage.

Being able to clearly see what is on offer in terms of the new baby gifts is important for you to understand. We are in a world where increasingly there is a move away from pink for a girl and blue for a boy. In fact our best selling baby hampers here at In The Box Baby Hampers Limited are neutral and contain gifts for both the baby and the new parents. The majority or our baby gifts are neutral making us quite unique in the baby hamper market. Striking and practical baby gifts are certainly what the market is calling for. While the problem of Google algorithms remains in terrible terms like "unisex" as opposed to "neutral" most people are wanting a more modern colour palate in their baby gifts. Some of us in the baby gifting world are leaning more towards neutral colours, natural products, luxury baby items, unique content, handmade baby presents and "thoughtful gifting" for all babies and new parents.

Thoughtful gifting? What is that I hear you ask. It is the process by which we curate our baby gifts. What would we want in a gift for our new child? Or in a gift for us to celebrate their birth or adoption? How important is the manufacture of the baby toy? What chemicals are in the baby balm? Can we offer organic baby clothes? Can we use packaging made from recycled materials? Will this sensory baby toy, stimulate the new baby and still be fun? Will the new Mum love this single source chocolate bar we chose? These are questions that we ask ourselves every time we think about the contents of our baby gift hampers. It's as important to us as offering great customer service, value for money and reliability. Giving and receiving thoughtful new baby gifts is refreshing and memorable. We also offer the option for us to handwrite your message with every baby gift we send out. This has been very well received and adds that personal touch especially if the gift is being sent directly to the recipient. Thoughtful gifting.

Taking care while choosing the right corporate maternity, paternity or adoption leave gift is also about your budget. While there is no set accounting figure about purchasing gifts for employees or customers, most businesses have made decisions about the figure they are comfortable with. Its easy for you to only look for baby gift hampers within your budget by using the filter function on a website. While it might be tempting to look at everything - or maybe that's just us - filtering by price will keep focus on choosing a new baby gift in a timely manner.

This leads us nicely onto how easy is it to buy the baby gift hamper that you have chosen. Don't you just hate the guess work around knowing the price for delivery? We have added a function on our website where by viewing your cart you see the cost for delivery as well as the expected delivery time in days. So simple and lacking in frustration, we think is great.

So if you are looking to buy corporate baby gifts and want a personal touch talk to us to get exactly what you need, delivered across the UK to your place of work or to a private address. Click onto our website and purchase with ease and confidence. We love what we do and we are good at it too, you are in safe hands with us.





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