Finding a way forward - In The Box Baby Hampers

Finding a way forward - In The Box Baby Hampers

In The Box baby Hampers was started in response to a difficult period in our family. My adult son suddenly developed severe mental health problems which affected his physicality as well as completing destroying his work and personal life. Anyone who has experienced someone they love or care about being totally decimated by debilitating mental health issues will understand the wider impacts on family and friends. The independence that is lost, the safety which is compromised, the sorrow, the lack of hope and lack of support. My reflection now is that it was always so difficult to leave him, so difficult to be with him, so difficult to comfort him, so difficult to stay with him- it was all difficult. I was not a comfort to him, I could not soothe or help him. I used to make dinners that he never ate just so I DID something. They were tough times, most particularly for him. 

A clear distraction was required. An actual opportunity to DO a measurable "something". An endeavour that needed hard work, perseverance, would bring joy and development, hope, a future, as well as creating an income. Positivity, growth and change was of the upmost importance. Exactly at the time that there was no mental or physical energy for such a project, a friend suggested the business idea and the hope of it was just perfect. In The Box Baby Hampers was born. As I write this two years have passed and both my son and the business are growing and evolving and we are all finding new ways to be positive and forward looking with a lot of hope. The environment and the eco credentials of our new baby gifts are taking a much more prevalent role in the business as my son would like to live in nature in a more alternative lifestyle and being planet conscious is so obviously so important. Our new baby gifts have always been practical and continue to become ever more thoughtful for the new parent/s and the new babies and especially the planet. We now source Eco Friendly new baby essentials as a matter of great importance to us. 

So if you are looking for new baby gift ideas choosing us is great as we curate some pretty amazing baby shower presents, new baby hampers, neutral baby gifts and corporate baby gifts and we do that right here in the UK. Our diverse range of new baby gift ideas are given a lot of thought and consideration and with every new baby hamper we create we pay attention to our golden rules.

Our golden rules mean that we always

  • Take the greatest care to ensure all the items in our new baby gifts and baby hampers are of the highest quality.
  • We include both stunning and essential new baby items in our new baby girl hampers, new baby boy hampers, unisex baby hampers, neutral baby hampers, new parents gifts, mum to be gifts, baby shower gifts, pregnancy gifts, newborn baby hampers, corporate baby gifts, new mum gifts or first birthday gifts.
  • We pre wash a sample of all or our baby clothes, baby blankets, comforters, loveys and baby toys so that you are getting a tried and tested product. 
  • We offer different ranges in our baby hampers including Fairtrade, organic, paraben free and handcrafted new baby boy gifts, new baby girl gifts and neutral baby gifts.
  • We welcome conversations from our lovely customers to ensure you get exactly the right new baby presents for that special new baby boy or new baby girl whether that be from our ranges of collated baby hampers or when making bespoke baby hampers and bespoke new baby gifts.
  • We are reliable and have a processing time of 1-2 business days and use signed for deliveries on all of our new baby gifts, new born baby presents, new parents gifts and baby hampers.
  • We feel really passionate about being eco friendly and have produced a whole range of Eco Friendly new baby gifts which include GOTS organic cotton baby clothes, cotton baby blankets, Natural rubber baby toys, FSC wooden baby gifts, paraben free baby toiletries, planet friendly new mum toiletries and candles made from soy wax. You can relax, you are in safe hands with our eco friendly new baby gifts and hampers.
  • Use recycled materials whenever we can when we make our baby keepsake boxes or when buying packaging materials and baby gift boxes.

So that means whether you are buying a baby girl hamper, a baby boy hamper, a unisex baby hamper, a neutral baby hamper, a new mum hamper, a mum to be hamper, a new parents gift , one of our eco friendly new baby gifts, Maternity Leave presents, Paternity Leave presents or a corporate baby hamper, you are covered. We are proud of the time and effort we put into sourcing and creating our baby hampers, we refer to it as our "baby hamper magic". This means that you are assured of getting the best baby hamper gifts that are made with joy, care, attention to detail and lots of thought. Being parents ourselves means we have experienced the joy of a tiny baby and can focus on what is important to include in a new baby gift while never forgetting what a new Mummy or Daddy might need.

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