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Mary Meyer Taggies Flora Fawn Lovey, Taggies, Christening Gift, Baby Shower Gift, Baby Toys

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The wonderful soft and textured Flora Fawn Taggie Lovey from Mary Meyer is wonderful for new parents to use to interact with their baby in tummy time play and won't it just make for the best baby photo opportunities? Have you seen her eyelashes? Flora is so soft and comforting to stroke she and had numerous ribbon taggies around her body.  Some parents believe that taggies are magical as when the baby grasps and rubs the ribbons they have a soothing and calming effect. This cute baby toy/comforter/lovey is machine washable and should be air dried.

If sleep training has begun this bunny might make the world of difference to provide added security and preparation for sleep for the baby at bed time. Loveys are perfect to introduce into sleep training as soon as the baby can roll over and is at least 12 months old. Loveys are also good for the baby when separated from their parents such as starting nursery. If they baby is able to take an item with them that they can recognize through touch and smell and feel secure with, it can have a calming effect and retain some continuity during transitions. Loveys are perfect to introduce into sleep training as soon as the baby can roll over and is at least 12 months old.

Mary Meyer products are always a perfect choice. Mary Meyer is an environmentally conscious company that has been making toys that are safe and fun for since 1933, and have received numerous awards including multiple Oppenheim and Toy of the Year awards. Known for using unique, beautiful, and incredibly soft fabrics, Mary Meyer continually strives to design extraordinary products of outstanding quality, all the while keeping an eye on value and longevity.

We will send the bunny using a first class signed for delivery and if we are sending it to you to gift we will include a twist handle gift bag and some tissue paper so you can wrap it up.